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Make It Happen

Award-winning business woman and food scientist.

In 2012 Cindy founded lük beautifood – 100% Natural, Toxin-Free lipstick made from food. Her business sells DTC (direct to consumer) and is stocked in Australian gift, travel (Lagardere retail travel) and lifestyle stores including Blue Illusion, Healthy Living (Go Vita), and to global retailers including Neiman Marcus (US), L’Etoile (Russia) and in  beauty + wellness retailers in NZ, Hong Kong, Macau & E-com cross boarder China.

In 2016/17 she raised $2.25m in private equity for lük to invest in people and marketing to fund early stage growth to take the brand global by pioneering the Clean Beauty brand space with the recipe to natural beauty & wellness.

Prior to lük she took time off to raise her family after founding & exiting Luken & May biscuits with a trade sale.

Cindy has a Bachelor or applied science in Food & Nutrition, an Honorary Master of Science for her contribution to industry and has accumulated over 20 export, entrepreneur and business awards including 2x BRW Fast 100 titles.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”